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If you’re a student of English you’ve most likely used one of David Crystal’s many texts on language and linguistics.  David Crystal is a renowned author and linguist and has published extensively in his field of expertise - lots of his books are recommended reading on your module reading lists.

Works include reference books such as the Cambridge Encyclopaedia of the English Language and Dictionary of Linguistics and Phonetics, examination of the development in internet linguistics and text speak, practical application of grammar, the Language of Shakespeare, English spelling and words in detail.


David also writes on his own website and blog so you can find useful commentary and insight here as well.  Don’t forget to use the library Discover search tool to look for online information such as newspaper and journal articles by David.  Log in to Discover, choose the Advanced Search option and enter “David Crystal” into one of the search boxes, making sure you select change the field option to author. 

This will enable you to find articles directly with David Crystal as the author - but remember there will probably be more than one David Crystal and you will need to evaluate your results.


For more on what the University of Sunderland holds in our library collection by David Crystal check the library catalogue or click here for an example search.  You can also narrow by e-books if you prefer to read online or cannot get into the library to borrow a book.

For more on Discover help see our dedicated pages here.

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